Testing of antivirus

Hi guys !

First i’d like to say thanks for great product, appreciate what you are doing.

I can’t see that the CIS suite is yet tested by external companies ? Do you have a plan for when you will have it tested/rated at site’s like:


Of course i’m most curious about the antivirus part, the firewall has proven itself.

Comodo Antivirus will be tested, but not yet.
It still lacks the heuristic (thou released in the beta), and is pretty new and has some signature catch-up to do!

But it has somehow got tested anyway at http://malwareresearchgroup.com/?page_id=2

It scored okey around 90%, lower than most companies Iam afraid, for now its not a major player in the AV field, but its getting there…

It will not be tested (at least not hurried by melih) until the heuristic hits the market… Thats what I think! =)

Welcome. :slight_smile:

From Melih (COMODO CEO):

Ok, thanks people. Just have to be patient then :slight_smile: