Testing Comodo's Response

I am asking a question and hoping for responses:

Ok, It feels like Comodo is confident enough to make massive updates for his “layered defense” in order of IMPORTANCE, beginning with the most important- prevention, while at the same time, deploying abit weaker (no offense, just stating) updates for detection, and now, Comodo is displaying stronger than ever on detection and prevention is as standardized as ever (with a few updates)and so the role of the less developed has gone to Cure (CSC). (as of 12/27/08)
My simple question is: Is Comodo confident in completing the steps one at a time, or are there any internal (personal or as a whole) conflicts? Anything related to that.

“Criticism is not for the weak.” From that, I don’t care if you (forum members) criticize my question. and also Comodo. This is just to improve or deteriorate Comodo’s position. Not much gained from deleting this. I will still be loyal, but this is a chance to improve your position.

We already have finalised the Cure product. It will start integration into CIS soon.

One of the biggest problems in development is having many development teams contributing towards a single source. You have to follow a good discipline and introduce things in a planned manner. Otherwise it will be chaos.

Our next release for CIS is a big one already as it is, we can’t afford to add any more features into it. It will delay things. So next release after this current one will see the cure aspect being integrated.

We will provide the best and most usable security you can get your hands on! That is our promise and the whole Comodo team working together to achieve that.


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