Testing by Virus Bulletin or AV Comparatives? Detect 100% "in the wild" yet?

When will we be able to see some results on how good Comodo is?

When will it be submitted for testing at Virus Bulletin, AV Comparatives and West Coast Labs.

Does Comodo currently detect all current “in the wild” which is what Virus Bulletin test on?

Not there yet fully I am afraid :frowning:

But soon will be :slight_smile:

We are adding more unpackers regularly and more virus samples. So pls help us by submitting all the suspicious files you have.


Since it isn’t good to run two AV products at the same time (real time protection anyway), and since I’ve already got NOD32 and have seen how it’s superior to AVG, Avast!, Kaspersky, Trend Office Scan, Panda…

I think I’ll leave the beta testing to other people. ;D

Have you thought about pursuing a more “generic” approach?

Take a look at InVircible, for instance. Wolfgang Stiller also had a product that used “generic” techniques. I remember several companies back in the DOS days that employed generic techniques, but they were all consumed by Symantec and the technology probably buried.

Panda seems to be working on something similar, and are selling it as their TruPrevent product.

The basic idea is that there are certain things that a program has to do to be a virus (or other malware). If you can monitor program activity and block those activities that signify malware, then you don’t have to worry about which virus it is or updating pattern files or anything.

We call that Behaviour Analysis and Behavour Blockers. Most definetely our products will have these in. The question is: does this technology belong in an AV/Spyware or a firewall?

The reason I ask that cos, Firewall fits into the “preventative” (White listing) arena, whereas AV etc fits into Black listing area. So you will see these features as part of our firewall, spyware and AV very (very) soon…


A firewall controls what passes through the network connection. Anything else a program does wouldn’t seem to be in the purvey of a firewall, unless this other behavior is directly aimed at subverting the firewall itself.

So I would say that “Behaviour Analysis and Behaviour Blockers” belongs in AV/anti-spyware/anti-malware software.

I suppose you could also make an argument for all of these things being part of a general anti-malware product. A very large percentage of computer users would not find a computer worthwhile if it didn’t have network capability. (The Network is the Computer. :slight_smile: ) Spyware relies on the network, as do most modern viruses, worms, trojans, etc. It makes some sense to have all anti-malware software in one bundle, and blocking malware’s network activity is common to all of these types of anti-malware software. Therefore it’s all part of the “firewall.”

I must admit that having an entire suite of protection software from Comodo Group is enticing. It could help a lot of people. However, I still lean more towards choosing individual “best of breed” software packages. It will take some convincing for me to put all of my eggs in one basket, so to speak. :slight_smile:

Well the idea is to make all our products the “best of breed” to make it a no brainer for you :wink: Investment and world leading R&D facility from Comodo, feedback from users, its only matter of time to achieve that :wink: So keep helping pls.


Why is CAVS not included here and can you get it included? http://www.av-comparatives.org/

topmoxie: This has been asked before, so I fused your thread with this one.

two “very” explain it all, so let’s sit back,enjoy,and wait for it.