Testing behind router?

Hi folks,can anyone point me in the direction of an inbound test that will check my computer while it is behind a router.Looking on CPorts i notice i allways have 2 ports(1 TCP/1 UDP) relating to system(process id 4) open.

Matty :■■■■

I only know 3 ways for testing the pc and not the router itself:

  1. plug, when possible, the pc directly to internet via a modem after disconnecting the router.

  2. dmz the router to the tested pc.

  3. test offline (eg, download the tools, and test inside your pc).
    a candidate for this job could be foundstone intrusion tools:

Hi Brucine,does this last test you mention just test outbound protection or does it simulate an inbound test?or am i just being stupid!!

Cheers for the link ill give it a go,Matty

If you want to test your software firewall from behind a router, you will have to forward the ports you want tested through the router to the IP of the PC you are running the firewall on.

Have a look at http://www.portforward.com

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nice one Ewan,i was only looking at that sight about an hour ago(good read),but it seems that you now have to buy the program!!
I think that is set up mainly for p2p users etc

Many Thanks Matty

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Hey Matty,

While they do have a “buy” product, they also have very detailed guides on a broad range of routers, explaining how to port forward manually. In a nutshell, all you do is log into the router, go to the secton on prt forwarding and tell it “any incoming on port XYZ is to be passed directly inside to IP without filtering or manipulation of any kind”. IP address will then receive the incoming data stream on that port as if the router wasn’t there.


Ewen :slight_smile:

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Anyway im gonna study that sight in a bit more depth tomorrow and i might give it a whirl(now where did i put that god ■■■■ router password/R here it is" admin" :-[

Thanks Matty