Testing anti-viruses!

I’m one of the lucky ones who has utilized CTM for over 15 months with great success on both an XP desktop and a Vista laptop. I often test software then return to a previous snapshot. Given the fact that even anti-virus remnants can reek havoc on a system, is it safe to use (try) two a-v on two different snapshots? Thank you!

Hi… Ratchet, your snapshots are as good as what your system is when you take them.
It’s an exact replicate of your system at a specific point of time. ( as the name “Time Machine” implies )

Two antivirus at the same time will always conflict.
You can install one, boot, take an snapshot, uninstall, boot, install the other, boot, take a snapshot.

I think Ratchet meant he had 2 different snapshots each taken with a different AV program installed. ( Not 2 AV on the system at the same time )

If so, go ahead.

Ratchet, just a Reminder. It’s a good practice to uninstall AVs with their own uninstall programs (maybe even in Safe Mode). After successful uninstallation, use some utility software such as Advance Sys Care, IoBit etc to clear up ex-AV’s remnants before installing a new one.