Testimonials for Comodo Internet Security


Well this is the smallest testimonial at the moment!!! ;D

Jokes apart…

CIS is the best antivirus I have used uptill now. After using Kaspersky, AVG, Avast, Norton and McAfee, I came to know about CIS and I tried it. And until now I have faced only one problem about cmdagent.exe slowing down my internet connection. But that too was solved after I posted about it here in the forum.

Eventhough its just been a month or two since I installed CIS I think thats enough time to judge an antivirus since he other antivirus still weren’t as effective and I used to find problem within this period itself…

The best thing about CIS is that it allows us to control which program should we allow acess to the system. And the other , ofcourse its freee…

This is honestly the best suite I have used, you can’t rely on most anti viruses out their today, and the ones you can rely on are total resource hogs, and just bog you down, but not with CIS, you have all the security you need and then some. Thanks Comodo

Now only i started using Comodo.Before i used 2 other firewalls.Comodo is the 3rd firewall iam using and it will be the last.Its great.There are many options.Everything looks good.Completely i like the security features.

Iam not using Antvirus of comodo because the virus databse stops at 30%.Somewhere i read that,1st time the virus databse will be some 100 mb or so…to getting update.Iam using dialup.So no way.For 6 hours it remained for 30% only.I tired 3 times.No use.I was thinking it would have been better if it gets update by smaller size instead of the 1st time 100 mb update.Anyway,so i disabled the antivirus feature in comodo.So i installed an antivirus seperately.

Comodo is the Best Firewall. :-TU

Wow, thats an amazing, insightful, and right on the money post Gregg! I really appreciate it. And yes you totally get it, both from technical and commercial point and this is so good to see :wink:

With v4, we will have created world’s first Default Deny Protection with a silent user experience. So the amazing security that v3 offered could be enjoyed by novices and, heck yes, even AOL users! Some of my dearest friends are AOL users and they are loving v4 :).

Again, thank you for your post and thank you for your support by choosing Comodo.


After reading “Aleo” post. I’m speechless (:CLP)
Maybe that post could be stickied

I have only had CIS for 8 day s.

i was using AVG (free version) … and i got a browser hijack. the ave.exe one/variant .

no help or support form AVG to remove what went right past it’s link filter . so i looked around and found how to remove it by hand and did so … so i thought and went back to using AVG .
within 24 hrs it(AVG) simply sat and did nothing as "Heur32 or some variant crept in and took over my whole system .
now i know 90% of what AVG reported was because i clicked the inoculate tab in spy bot (spy bot S&D inoculate is not compatible with AVG , cause AVG to throw false positives)

I backed up all my data into archives in a PE boot environment . and was wondering how do i save 15 years of R&D ? as all my remote drive got nailed too ?

so in searching a solution i came upon a post on some tech site that said un-install every thing you have an install CIS from a burned disk … so i did . i did not have much to lose at that point .
as i would just get the drive re-imaged and clean so i thought … and blam … back to the beginning again, nothing would tell me what or where the infection was

so i installed CIS , it updated and withing seconds of running it found and halted 1 of 16 things rite of first load. stuff that everything else did not see , or could see but could not fix.

so now it’s day 8 , and according to comodo i only have 2 suspicious files and those are in sand box for review and seem fine .
i was able to scan and recover all of my archives without having to decompress them .

i have no probs in clicking and testing a few false positives now and then , vs infection that would have destroyed my projects.

it cleaned my compilers and found infections in thing i did not even knew existed.

I t is the easiest solution i have used , even better than PC-cillen i used to use.

  • now if only i could find a replacement for Norton ghost . LOL ;D

Sorry to hear about your problems Prime_8. Antivirus as a technology can never stop 100% of malware. This is why you need to use Prevention as your first line of defense and thats what CIS offers.

Glad to have you with us and welcome to the forums.


Have a look at Comodo Backup - it not only backs up files and folders, it can also do drive and partitions.

At the moment, to do a “bare metal” reimage, you need to integrate Comodo Backup into a PE environment, but a future release willprovide a bootabl;e recovery media creator.

Well worth a look. :wink:

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

cool will do … i have a few drives to do and NG14 just not as good as old NG1 …LOL for my use …
i’ll check it out . thanks

I love Comodo so much - a much under discussed piece of software and I have been using it all my life… Well, it seems that way… However, I had to drop the new recent version 4.1.150349.920 and its sandbox play thing and revert to the Product Version 3.8.65951.477 a stalwart. Sadly, I can’t and won’t be able to enjoy anymore updates on this version… Boo-hoo. Best regards,

Where to begin, where to begin, I feel what I say won’t get through due to chat taking out the expression of my voice, so I’ll do the best I can with description.

OK this is my ‘testimony’ when It comes to internet secure I am border on paranoid so to speak. I like to have security when it comes to the internet, it’s a swath of information out there, so I have gone to install a few firewalls, now these (the previous ones I installed) were meant to be at the top of the market, I would even go as far to say as they were top recommendation, it goes to show not even the majority are right. I was looking around for something ‘more secure’ the firewall I was using was spamming its heart out Going Would you like this, would you like to confirm that, GAHHHH. So I decided to do some searching of my own for a better Firewall I just didn’t feel it was that secure.

I came across Comodo via File Hippo, now it’s something that I have avoided for a bit, due to it being powerful, now when I talk powerful I mean paint stripped powerful, thinking “This thing will kill my comp”. Let me explain, it’s like going from a moped to a 250 CC Motor Bike, you got to just take the plunge sometimes and get use to the power. So I did, I took the plunge downloaded it and tried it to see for myself, At first I was scared of it, it’s that powerful after awhile It went down like a smooth cup a tea, It’s hard to explain, It just did what it was suppose to do, you told it something it did it (expect jumping jacks) If you were asked, would you like to remember this function, It DID remember that function, unlike the other programs I used which I clicked Yes Remember this answer, they never did.

So it seemed to just … Work. That’s it, it’s just really that simple, Just Work. Cause that’s what it did. I saw it as a solid piece of programing made with heart, due to the fact not only was it glossy (Which I find fancy) but also seems like a Porsche with a Beach Buggy Interior, what I mean is, it’s powerful yet comfortable in the form of being user friendly, so the features I decided to have a squizz around at, enjoying it all the more, seeing the design, the functions the capabilities of this program is amazing to say it in other words I just don’t have? Plethora astounding in almost astronomical terms, would probably come close but I don’t want to give you guys a big head despite how much praise you guys and gals deserve (ok maybe just a little). You guys and gals bust your ■■■ off making security products, it’s a labor of love and it shows, I can actually say with Comodo (what I could never say with other security programs) online I feel…Comfortable.

Nearly forgot, I will be calling you guys personally to say thankyou from Australia, although right now I’m dead tired cause my night is your morning, so will have to leave it another night for now. So I can call you guys during the day. Anyway that’s about it, using Comodo here on in, now lead me to the pages where I can spam comments on the other products ;D


Adding: I feel to say this before I go back to bed, I see it as a life lesson so gonna say it, at first the reason I said before about the scared of it and the powerful, is because that’s what a few people are saying on the net, but know this, those who have the courage to harness power, are the only ones able to wield it, I’m glad I took the plunge and pushed past the mind set and didn’t follow others, cause they are hitting walls I am flying free, so while others are acting afraid out there, we are the ones, (thanks to you guys) behind a powerful firewall stronger then even the highest recommendations out there by well known sites , Creating trust on the internet, you have my trust. Whoever reads this take this as a life lesson, don’t be afraid of your own potential and power in life, forget what others say, for when they are hard-heading themselves, you’ll be flying free, never let haters bring you down, and spread your wings, follow your dreams, never look back never give up hope, never stop being free. You ■■■■ well deserve it cause you pushed for it, haters are only people who haven’t done what you had the courage to do.

Thank you for this feedback M33p. Really appreciate it.


Ever since i found out about Comodo, i have been virus free for a very long time. I am now eagerly awaiting the final release of version 5 to use on my host machine, rather than a Virtual Machine. Comodo is a genuine software, and i am surprised it does not appear in the “free anti virus” search in Google. It would be an honor for Google to have you guys in that search.


Thank you Vinnie!

This exactly what we aim to do, to keep your computer trouble free so that you can use it without any hassles.

thank you


To begin, I would like to thank the developers, tests and all at COMODO for providing the public with such outstanding security software.
I have been a long time COMODO user and I have seen the stand alone firewall grow into the Internet Securities package that is now available.
With the growing threat of today’s viruses, malware and a wide variety of security software, it is difficult to know how safe or un safe web browsing can be. I am so confident on COMODO’s ability to provide me with the security I expect, I have shared my experience with my friends and family.
What makes COMODO’s Internet Security stand out compared to most other free security programs is it alert interface and the use of their HiPs engine. Not only will it offer in depth descriptions of each alert, but it also offers the user to respond as either a novice user or an advanced user. Their behavior detection is bar none the best. These features makes CIS very versatile. The new program interface also provides much more information on how it is protecting you as well.
I was able to test CIS and other security packages against zero day threats and the results I received was very interesting. Most security packages ( trial subscription or free) detected and removed between 7 to 9 out of 10 zero day threats. CIS was the ONLY security program that detected , blocked and or removed 10 out 10 zero days!
Bottom line I have been so impressed with Comodo and their line of products I use them for my gaming community, my desktop PC , my laptop PC, and I am very quick on suggesting that anyone I know whom is looking for web security to go with team COMODO.
KUDOS to all at COMODO and keep up the attention to detail in providing us with the finest security and tools available.

i had seed all comodo Internet Security suite by replace sysmantec End Point to my office, its cease worm attack and “conflicker” being spread all over my office, most important its free, its save my 40pcs license for each year…

and insite technical department, i had urge them to use comodo as well, we had try to implement on our client/school, so far its dint bring any negetive feedback, some of them asking us supply them the comodo setup file, its really beat karpersky, nod32 and other competitive product.

last word for comodo : ■■■■… i should know its early … O0

Thank you colin83! I am glad you guys are safer now!