Tested with NGINX - Feedback so far


I’ve been testing your rules under nginx env (downloaded the “litespeed” rules as suggested in your documentation).

These two rules contains “apache” directives, so can’t be loaded -


All others works fine.

I am not sure which rules I am supposed to include - from cwaf1 → cwaf5, what exactly each one does ?

Without those two rule files - so far so good, running with nginx 1.6.0 & modsec 2.8.0 on a production server.


It is planned to release rules for nginx. So you’ll be able to include all rules without additional work.

Any ETA on when that is going to happen? It’s only “” and “” directives preventing the rules to work with nginx.

We are planning to release nginx ruleset at Jan/Feb 2015.

Great news! We’ll be waiting for them :slight_smile: