testamonial on the dreadful quality of your customer support? [Resolved]

Since you;re looking for testamonials, i can quite confidently let you have one on how poor comodo customer support is.Where would you like me to send it?

Email the CEO Him self:



Thanks for that.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

This Forum, if used correctly ,answers most of the questions and solves countless problems we all encounter in this computing world

The Comodo programs are provided for free for a life time and no doubt there is a huge committment by Comodo in monetary terms initially to get their programs written, running, proved and then to earn a reputation thereafter and hopefully a marketing edge for these free and the chargable programs they have which sustains the financial viability of the company

In my view they do it very very well and I dispair sometimes when the tone of the responses in the forum seems to ignore all the good work done. The pressure to release CIS early is a case in point

Where else does the CEO get to write and respond as Melih does on a public forum

He gets my vote for the flack he takes and the very gracious answers than come after

He gets my vote for his plans for Comodo and the great programs we all enjoy

Please be patient, the programs are ever evolving and in part the evolution comes from the excellent input via the Forum

Hi Blackfld

first of all, pls accept my apology for not being able to service you to your satisfaction.
Please let us know where we went wrong so that we can improve. We do care for all our customers and users and 100% satisfaction is what we aim for. When we fall short of that, we want to hear about it so that we can learn from it.

I thank you for taking the time to post it here and pls feel free to send me an email explaining where we went wrong.

thank you


hi Brockie-
this isnt in relation to any free programs.this is a note in relation to my paid services for which the support is absolutely brutal.If the level of support that i have experienced since paying for my service is the level of support that customers can expect, then despite Melihs best intentions, I cant see much return business going their way.If the free software is dependent on the commercial sales, then i hardly need point out the outcome if commercial customers cant resolve issues.

This has now been resolved and i look forward to using the comodo ssl product on my site.Pity i had to bring it up to the ceo to get some acknowledgement as I’m sure he has a hundred other things to be doing but hey at least i could

We do appreciate the second chance you gave us.

Thank you


Closed. :slight_smile: