Reaction time test of the emergence of a new virus for Android (February 2013)
By Radu FaraVirusi (com) on March 10, 2013

We recently published our test on 21 security products for Android. Also, those of AV-Test.org has released its own test compared to 22 for the same platform security products.

Because there were some differences between the two assessments, we decided to realize the first time a comparison of reaction time in case of a new virus.

We used nine samples Android.Tetus , or Android Armour discovered on 16 February

We wanted to see what antivirus products will detect most, so the best response time to 10 days after discovery of these Android malware samples.
During our evaluation we used 10 security applications, focusing especially on those who held top positions in the two tests mentioned above.

Here’s how the final detection showed:

AVL, Dr.Web, IKARUS, F-Secure - 9
Avast, Norton, Kaspersky - 8
TrustGo, ESET - 3
Comodo - 1

How did TrustGo a score so good in evaluating AV-Test.org time in our recorded very poor results in both tests? Hard to say …!
AVL confirm the efficiency and superior detection, as well as other products showed a detection 8 or 9.

Unfortunately IKARUS generates false alarms is not recommended to use.

they tested the old version.

OK, thanxx for the info.

New test: