"Test Your PC's Security" e-mail from Comodo?

Greetings from Here,

Just made an attempt at seeing what my last e-mail from COMODO was about. My system was alight with warnings from several AV software that are on my system, even Comodo CIS.

The subject of that e-mail is “Test Your PC’s Security” and gives a link to testmypcsecurity(DOT)com. What is this all about if I may ask?

That is a site to test your PC’s security oddly enough… :wink:

In other words, you’ll find numerous tests to run to see how well protected your PC is. If your security software is complaining, that’s a good thing.


Thank you for this info. This link came from Comodo and I never downloaded any of the test software, was in the process when my system was lit-up, nothing was ever installed.

Has anyone ever reported on GRCdotCOM’s test site with Comodo? That seems to me to be the BEST as he runs the tests from his site and gives a full report on the ports that are found or NOT.

I am going there now.

Just remember that if you are behind a router, the GRC port scan will be testing your router and not your software firewall.


Again, Thank You for this info.

Just came back from GRCdotCOM’s ShieldsUp and ProbeMyPorts which came back as FULL STEALTH which is what I wanted.

Just to add my couple of pennies worth I tried to access the zipped security testing files mentioned in the email.
Avast! av wouldn’t let the things through said there was a trojan in there. I tried a couple of time with different zipped files- unzipped the main download to find more zipped files. Nothing happening.

I completed a feedback form on their web saying what happened and received the following…

“I don’t think this happens unless nobody else uses Avast because never seen it mentioned.
Note that this form is not for technical support.
Support Dept
Atelier Web”

… so that’s ok then. It didn’t happen and obviously no solution is needed. Mmmm Thanks a bunch.

CIS AV also warned me about virus in the tests compressed files.

ran several of the tests though ignoring CID alert and I had to restore my Vista to an earlier time.

But I don’t know whether it was because of the tests I ran.

I remember there was a discussion about this back when it first was released. And I feel to remember the reason was the fact that the files do act as a Trojan/other harmful code, as the idea is to test if you are protected against those kind of things…