Test with Comodo - Bypassed.

The people who tell you CIS is 100% protection is either lying or doesn’t know better. CIS offers one (if not the best) protections out there if you compare it to the competition.

But there is no software as of today that can guarantee 100% security. Also CIS do NOT protect the users from acting ■■■■■■■■.

Yep… 100% security does not exist today. However, with CIS your pretty 99.99% :wink:


Agree. Not just today, even tomorrow too. :wink:

100% security does exist, don’t turn on your computer, there you go, 100% ;D

Nope because someone still can steal it. ;D

Well, there you have an exiting new task for Comodo!

The TEMP files : I tried to clean them with the build-in windows tool. It sure didnt help. But the people who watches sees that its TEMP, they know they are not bad. But yeah, I use Ccleaner next time(Learns from mistakes)

The Firewall : A guy always told me to let the firewall out cause its just a firewall?
Also when I allowed, you saw Defense+ and sandbox pop-ups. ;D

I’m very pleased with Comodo - and might change to it.
Yet again, I’m sorry for the mistake of bypassing it - Mabye I allowed stuff that shouldnt be.

Why isn’t both systems the same? I mean, why doesn’t the automatic work just the sandboxing virtualization? Wouldn’t it be more secure? Sure the usability (i.e., what the software/file can do) will be lower… it won’t be able to do anything… But wouldn’t it be secure?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

give more voltage (btw 100 Ampere^^) to the dsl cable ,and no bad data packages ever get into your pc… these are grilled >:-D

wake on lan :wink:

I think we should modify the thread title as there is no bypass here, this could be misleading.

does the sandbox still working if i disable defense+?



CIS Sandbox gets turned off when you disable D+ permanently.