Test Like Matousec?

Hey guys, do you know any test like matousec that compares BOClean, SpyBot, Ad-Aware, etc?

I just downloaded and installed BOClean, didn’t reboot yet, so I wanted to know how good it is. I use SpywareBlaster, SpyBot and Ad-Aware with Ad-watch running full time. Everytime I scan with SpyBot and Ad-Aware I never find any spy, but I wanna increase protection :■■■■

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I’ve split your post off into it’s own topic, this way it will be visible to someone who might be familiar with Matousec.

There is no available comparison testing for BOClean on the web

Matousec has excited considerable ire with their business plan.
Thay are also providing a great service.

Of course CPF got the gold gong from them ( in most respects) ;D

The nature of CBOC ; memory scanner: precludes much standardised test as could be applied to AV or firewall.

CBOC: love it or leave it.