Test Current Security Configuration

Just loaded CPF and everything seems to be working fine except when I click the link that says, “Test your current security configuration”, nothing happens.

Same thing for links that shows up under Highlights / News.

“Test your current security configuration” should open up this link in your browser:


The other link should also open a page on your browser.

Perhaps you have selected to remember a block rule that does not allow CFP to access the web via your browser. You can check this in the application monitor section of the firewall settings.


No, checked and don’t have any block rules that apply to CFP. When I loaded, I did have my AV and Spyware software enabled…don’t know if that would cause this issue…may try to uninstall and reload unless anyone has other suggestions.

What AV and antispyware have you got fritodog, knowing this may give a clue to your problem. Try disabling the two antimalware programs and see if your firewall problem is still there.


I’m running NOD32 AV and Spy Sweeper. I disabled them both, but the web links in CPF are still dead.