TERRIBLE support, avoid comodo if possible

The support here at Comodo is terrible. I’m sure some of you have different opinions, and that’s fine but don’t start yelling at me if you disagree. Over the past week, I have submitted 2 tickets. The first one (GYY-690317) was about the validation of my account. I waited 2 days only to pretty much get the validation required email again. The same sort of reply was made about twice, and then I got this grammatically dreadful reply…

“We fallow strong validasion process.Kindly bare with us,This all for the security per-pose.”

For a company of this size and reputation, a pretty pathetic reply. I’m also still waiting on another ticket (EFL-626900), which hasn’t been replied to in 25 hours.

If you can get the same services comodo offers somewhere else, go with them instead.

Hi Serenade Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear about this - I am sure Melih (COMODO CEO), Will act on this. Melih is here at the forums daily, I am sure he will reply. :slight_smile:


This is not acceptable. I apologise!

I am looking into this.


We apologize for the poorly worded response to your ticket. We will address that with the agent in question. Once we received your document, your order was validated and issued. Your support ticket has now been answered as well. Our apologies for the delay.