Terrible software installation with CIS

CIS don’t understand Gimp and Notepad++ installation because i houndred times click allow but maybe CIS threatcast comunity don’t access this software installation problem. Also Glary Utilities crazy work with CIS because houndred times need allow.
Please try to install this software and understand this problem. I as basic pc user want to install software quick but these softwares have slow, with CIS help, installation.
If i am wrong, moderators will remove my post…

Hi, did you switch to installation mode before you installed these applications?

No, i don’t use installation mode because i read in Comodo forum that it is not secure or reliable but i know that it helps. And i want to see that D+ understand this popular softwares

I would very much like to suggest to use Installation Mode when installing programs. Do this only for programs you know that can be trusted and are downloaded from renowned sites.

Do the problems persist when you install them using Installation Mode? Let us know and we will take a closer look.

I downloaded The Gimp 2.6.7, added Jernej Simoncic to My Trusted Software Vendors and installed it. No alerts. :slight_smile:

You can also add Glarysoft Ltd to My Trusted Software Vendors, before installing Glary Utilities. :-La

I have never installed Notepad++ (it is not signed); I download the .7z (or zip) file, unpack the files and run the application. :wink:

Thank You, in the future i add these in trusted vendors or use installation mode but why popular software vendors are not included in trusted vendors list by default? Because everytimes when i upgrade comodo i must add these vendors again…


Are you getting installation mode mixed up with training mode?

Installation mode allows an installer to spawn child processes without asking the user if they wish this spawned process to run. Granted, if the installer contains harmful code you are allowing it to run by default, but I wouldn’t consider installation mode to be insecure as you’ve only granted this single installer such privileges. In other words, it is secure assuming you are attempting to install reputable software.

Training mode on the other hand is very insecure because you are allowing anything and everything free access to run on your system, as opposed to a single installer in installation mode. If you run in training mode, you are completely without the protection of D+, and if you’ve also put the firewall in training mode, you don’t have any protection there either. I would only recommend training mode for the shortest possible durations and even then only as a last resort. I would try adding problematic applications to my safe files list and my AV exclusions before using training mode.

The Trusted Vendors list will get bigger. Comodo opened a web page for Vendors who want to be on the list: Trusted Vendor List - SignUp .

It is too bad you can’t export that list when exporting a configuration though.

Copy vendor.nme?

Learned something new today… :-TU