Terrible download speeds from Comodo

I’ve just noticed this problem when I tried to download Comodo Internet Security. When I started the download from Comodo’s website, it was downloading very slowly. My connection is 10 Mbit/s but downloads from Comodo never exceed ~80KB/s. This wasn’t a big problem since I could download CIS from Majorgeeks at full speed but the problem reappeared when I tried to update virus definitions. It’s even slower, plus it randomly stops updating in the process.
Is Comodo server’s bandwidth exceeded? If yes, when will that get fixed and is there a trusted source of CIS databases that I can download from other server and import myself? (I’ve just noticed such functionality in CIS)

Normally download speed should not be a problem and could be temporary.

From what page you are downloading? I am from the Netherlands, geographically ‘not far’ from your country and will most likely be on the same part of the load balancer. I will see what speed I get when downloading on my 100/100 Mb/s fiber optic connection. Are there others in East or West Europe having issues with download speed of the CIS installer?

Downloading from there: http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/4015/standalone/cispremium_installer.exe
I am indeed close to your country (Poland). It’s been at least 2 days since the problem is happening. Now it’s even worse, when I tried to download virus databases manually, it took 5 minutes to download 2 megabytes of the file and suddenly the download stopped.

If there’s nothing we can do about it now and if your download speeds are fine, could you please upload virus databases to another hosting like MEGA or Zippyshare? I really want to get CIS working today since I saw some suspicious processes working yesterday.

The download comes flying in here with my connection.

Try deleting the content of c:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\wpTemp and try updating the AV again. Keep in mind you have the Comodo Cloud that will keep you updated from that web when the local database does not have definitions yet. In case of doubt scan with various other scanners to see if the suspicous file is malicious or not. Or upload it to Virus Total.

Can you try http://downloads.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/4015/standalone/cispremium_installer.exe (notice the url is slightly different: …/downloads.comodo.com/…). Can you see what happens when you add downloads.comodo.com under Proxy and hosts settings?

Is there anybody from Poland also experiencing this problem?

Can you see if pinging download.comodo.com or download.comodo.com gives strange results?

Thanks! While download.comodo.com is still very slow, downloads.comodo.com works perfectly fine. After adding this server to CIS, it updated very quickly. I can ask other people I know if they have Comodo and if they are experiencing these issues - if they do, I’ll let you know.
Pings seem to be normal:

Pinging download.comodo.com [IP address] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=54 Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=54 Reply from bytes=32 time=66ms TTL=54 Reply from bytes=32 time=66ms TTL=54

Pinging downloads.comodo.com [IP address] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=66ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=65ms TTL=54
Reply from bytes=32 time=66ms TTL=54

Also since you mentioned Comodo Cloud - how much bandwidth does this function use? Is the impact big enough to cause problems with ping in online games?

I removed your public IP address from the ping results. Eric

Umm, but the addresses that you have removed were the addresses of domains I was pinging, not mine. kamild1996

I tried the other download last night and it gave a me lower downloadspeed. But trying them both today they both went at full speed. It may have been a temporary hiccup.

The Comodo Cloud look up of CIS will first send the hash of an unknown file to the cloud. Only when the file has not been uploaded to the cloud before CIS will upload it to the cloud. In practice it will hardly ever happen for an executable to be uploaded. I don’t know how much bandwidth is being used.

When running a game the other processes will normally not introduce new executables to your system. When you want to go the extra mile run Rating Scan when not running a game. Run it once a week or how often you feel necessary.