Termination Tests: Comodo Rocks!

Anyone seen these termination tests?


Just scroll down for “View Results” button.

Comodo comes through in flying colours!

WHAT?! CPF is NOT the number one on the list!!!
Hey Melih, what are your people doing? Do they just sit on their hands all day? :wink: ;D

That’s great to see. (:CLP)


I did send him a mail with the correct version number, to tell him that he have misspelled it.
I also told him that it would be nice with a leaktest of the new version. The version he have listed in the leaktest must be from 1994… :wink:

About the termination tests… It’s nice to see that Comodo has some work to do… 3rd place… thats not good enough… :wink: Work harder! ;D

Comodo can be proud.

Worry not! I am on to it!

That’s exactly what I told them! :slight_smile:

Joke aside, its great to see some recent test about CPF’s capability… and guess what, it will only get better and still be free :wink:



Great job Comodo ;D

Funny, when I did those SPT tests 5 days ago, my Comodo did pass all of them ??? (still do btw)

Congratulations to the CPF team! (:CLP) (:CLP)

You all beat me to it:


This is what people are saying on dslreports.

cheers, rotty (:WAV)

Plus termination was one of the earlier things we did in our firewall, it was not an afterthought. I don’t want to show off but… also how efficient your code is in achieving, practically same result, is important. Eg: firewall’s use hooks into the system to catch things etc. we use considerably less hooks than other ones to achieve the similar result :wink: Hence more stable product!

Ok ok I did show off… (:SHY) (:NRD)


I’m glad to see you guys had a thorough “Project Plan”, as the firewall has been well thoughtout.

Conglatulate whoever did the planning and implementation, they did a very good job!!

cheers, rotty

It’s always so re-assuring when you see stuff like this on the net! A very well done to the Comodo team! Fantastic piece of software! I know it’s still “early” stages of the software, really can’t wait to see what the future hold!

Well done again the Comodo team!