Terminate Process Option to D+ and Firewall Alerts

Hello All,

I would like to see an option “Terminate Process” in D+ and Firewall alerts to actually terminate the process. Here is the Brief Info -

  1. User double clicks xyz.exe and clicks ‘allow this request’ to D+ alert and this xyz.exe process starts.
  2. Now when xyz.exe tries to change any protected registry, another D+ (Red Color) alert pops-up. At this point of time user realizes that this is a malware and wants to terminate this process.
    A new option (Terminate Process) to D+ and Firewall alert should be present to the user.

Please find more info on the same here -


+1 Great Idea

  • Jacob Kilgore

An excellent idea, harsha_mic :-TU

+1 :-TU (Top priority ;D)


A good suggestion :-TU

  • another one.

+1 for me too. We briefly talked about this in another thread (see this post). Here is a sample pic that we developed for a suggested alert (which includes terminate process).

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Whoop-dee-doo, perhaps you can add the terminate this process next to block process ?


Thanks for all your Support friends. and Whoop-dee-doo, i like the proposed alert you have developed. How ever i feel there could be some changes to it…

  1. “Why did i get this alert?” and “Advice” can be shown to the user in tabs. (i did not create a image for this)
    Advantage: You save the space on the screen.
  2. “Terminate this Process” can be added to “Treat this Application as” option with the name “Block
    and Kill Application
    ”. (Please see the attached image)
  3. I like Diagramatic view of Threatcasting in singualar tube format (your old one.) (Pls. see the attached image)

I would like to see “Block and Kill Application” option to perform the following two functions -

  1. Block the Application what it is doing and revert all the changes what it had done to the system. (If the xyz.exe created some registry entris/files then remove them from registry/hdd)
  2. Then terminate the Application.

With these two functions being performed, user can always be protected with getting infected and removing the traces even.

What do you all say guys…


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Yes, tabs may save space, but tabs will hide some info. I think it is important for the user to see all the info at one time because it helps establish an overall impression of how to answer the alert.
A “fewer options” button may be added to collapse some of the information if the user wants to save space (this will also allow the user to customize the info that he/she wishes to see in the alert)…See 2nd and 3rd pic.

IMHO, I think it seems more appropriate to have it as a separate option, rather than having it in the “treat application as” menu (see pic 1).

I prefer each threat cast rating displayed as 2 tubes (see pic 1)…but one tube would save some space. Last time we posted different ways of displaying threatcast, everybody preferred something different. It will be interesting to see what Comodo decides to do.

Anyhow, it is great that everybody is tweaking these ideas. Many of the pics I have posted are a mosaic of suggestions, ideas, and preferences from other users. So, keep tweaking and suggesting…hopefully we can come up with something that Comodo just can’t refuse!

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Nice, but aren’t we creating way to much choices to pick from ? Perhaps a simple, YES-NO would be better for newbies :slight_smile:


Yes, a simple alert would be better for newbies…but it already exists:
The current CIS alert already has a “fewer options” button at the bottom of the window that collapses the number of options into:
Allow, block, and remember my answer.
So, a simpler version of the alert already exists for less experienced users or those who prefer less options. My intent is to give more options to the experienced user, while keeping the ability to display the simple alert.
The user would have the choice: a simple stream-lined alert or a detailed alert (and could change between the two simply by hitting the “fewer options button”).

I have suggested before that CIS have a configuration “wizard” with the installer program. The installer would help the user set up CIS based on the user’s level of experience. If the user indicates that he/she is a newbie and prefers a less complex interface/alerts, then the installer would set the simple alert as the default. This would be very user friendly to the newbie!

Hey guys, we are adding a new FW and D+ alerts interface with that option. I don’t know if we can share it yet, but we hope COMODO like and use it.

For the ones with the required priviledges, see the topic https://forums.comodo.com/usability_study/cis_d_fw_alerts-t37493.0.html


I want to give a REALLY BIG + to this!

I have also along with two others made a request of a similar nature in a different post “Three things to add to the security…” anyway, This really needs to be taken to an experienced user level as the ability to fully Terminate and Destroy a malicious softwares actions are at stake here! Getting a pop up with the info that it has occurred with little reaction is not enough. Since there isn’t a clear explanation in the Comodo Help files as to what “Block This Application” actually does, I would have to say that the Terminate and Destroy feature is made to be a separate (and fully configurable) process.

And Remember,

RD~“When people are given limited choices it is the same as giving them none at all!!”

I’d love to see that “show less options” in the firewall prompts…

I’m a hobbyist programmer (I’ve been for more than 10 years), so it’s not that I fear options, just that I don’t see why I need to click twice each time I want to block a connection (first “block”, second “block only”), because I practically never need to “block and terminate”.

Otherwise this is the closest to perfect a firewall for my needs. I’ve “liked” it on facebook and also voted for it on other websites. Thank you for the great job you are doing.

Please reply if I you know of a way I can disable those options from ever showing up.