Tens of id_service is trying to modify a protected registry key

I just updated my idrive backup client to a newer version. Comodo is giving me Tens of “id_service is trying to modify a protected registry key” notification one after the other–never stops. I check remember and allow–yet they pop up as soon as I click Allow.

And I simply must say that I do not think like the software designers. I opened the interface to put that exe into trusted programs, and the place to do it must be located somewhere other than the 673 places I looked for where to do that.

May be the executable is not white listed yet. See if it is in Unrecognised Files and when there move it to Trusted Files.

Where are unrecognized files?

I can’t seem to drill to anything in this interface. I’m sorry, but apparently my mind just does not work like the software designer’s in terms of thought processes. For example, I can’t figure whether unrecognized files belong to FW or to D+ or to Advanced tasks or to HIPS or to Tasks or to Home or to ???. If I want to see what is sandboxed–go to sandbox tab then what! Nothing there says ‘open sandbox’ or ‘view sandboxed’ or ‘more actions’. I do not allow that it is ‘just me’ because i do not have this difficulty finding things in other apps.

Hi movrshakr,
The unrecognized files are found under ‘Security Settings>File Rating’ in the advanced settings.
Advanced Settings-Comodo Help
Unrecognized Files-Comodo Help

Kind regards.