tempscrpt files

Pls tell me about this…

What would you like to hear then?

Script Files located at C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt\ are essentially Fileless Scripts turned into files by Comodo’s Embedded Code Detection
feature, which are then isolated / blocked by Auto-Containment


In your case they are generated by OneDrive Setup and Update

Tnx @Ploget

and something more for these two

The two are a bit cryptic, what did you do or run on you system to get these?

nothing special,after installing game from GOG…I just looked then

I presume the two weren’t there before installing the game, right?
Did you see any CIS Alerts while installing the game?

then I paid attention.during installation HIPS alert me abaot NV2 change registry key,after this on my pc there was a new version of PsysX(LEGACY)I have not seen other warnings

If your game(s) installed and runs as intended, they are completed with the Nvidia change. See here on PS1files: PS1 File Extension - What is a .ps1 file and how do I open it?

Other than that, you can delete them and Purge your File List as they will show there

Ok tnx again

No problem :-TU