temporary uninstall?

I have recently moved to CIS and have it set-up and running nicely (I think). I also wanted to install Virtual PC/XP Mode and was not able to install the Virtual PC part. MS support has suggested many possible solutions, and nothing has worked so far - the next one involves uninstalling any security applications. So, I want to make sure that I can uninstall CIS temporarily and retain all settings, logs etc so that they will be still there when I re-install. How can this be done?

PS - any suggestions on how to get Virtual PC going (failed update) would also be appreciated.

Do the Defense + logs tell us something here about where the installation stalls? Can you post a screenshot of them? They are under View Defense + Events?

When you installing Virtual PC Mode what alert did you get? How did you answer to the alert?

What do the logs in Event Viewer tell us about the installation process?

There are NO related entries in the evnt log. This is a “msu” installer to do a standalone windows update, and does not even ask for admin permissions. I tried with everything disabled and it did make a difference. I don’t think that CIS makes a difference, just going thorugh the suggestions from MS support.

You can try disabling Defense +.

Go to Defense + Behaviour Settings → General Settings → move the slider to disabled. Then try again.

When that does not help tick “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)”, restart and try again. When done don’t forget to enable D+ again. CIS will not remind you to activate it again.