temporary internet files

Why does CIS, like ZoneAlarm, pickup and move the TIF folder(s) and put them in directory
NOT of my choice, and prevent me from moving them back where I told IE and the registry?
It took me months to get IE6 and WExplorer to quit fighting over them in XP-SP3.

Any tricks, anybody ?


TIF folder = Temporary Internet Files folder?
Why do you want it moved?
Its probably D+ that blocks your access and manipulation of this folder(s).
Disable D+ temporary and try to move it then reenable D+ maby it will work, maby not…

D+ protects a lot of files from manipulation, moving and such…
Checking D+ > common tasks and the following… “my protected files” “my protected registry keys” “my protected COM interface” could probably give a hint of any changes needed to be done in order to not have this moved and stop D+ from blocking your access to making changes to this folder…

Thanks for your help. Yes, TIF is my shorthand for the temp. internet files. Microsoft admitted that
IE6 and Windows Explorer would fight over placement of these files starting with SP2. I finally locked
them down via registry so I could separate keepers from trash when using Ccleaner and other
cleaners. I want to try your fix and and I’ll assume D+ is the defence module in your shorthand ha ha.

Appreciate the help!



Iam afraid my help might not help… As I have limited knowlege of how to move the temp folder… :-\

One fine registry cleaner you could try thou is Comodos own, its quite powerful (to find old registry entries). https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_system_cleaner_fileregistryprivacy_cleaner/comodo_system_cleaner_116494133_has_been_released-t36238.0.html But has some reports of it removing almost too much… especially if you run Win 7 I would avoid it! :slight_smile:

Hey Buddy,

You’re first idea worked. I went to Defense+ and removed “protection” from both my TEMP
and TIF folders. I wash them daily anyway. But, to make it all work, I removed the environment
variables TEMP and TMP in the System applet in Control Panel. Now, Comodo doesn’t move or
create folders where I don’t want them now. As I explained before, I keep TIF, Cookie, and History
files in separate folders so I can wash them separately and selectively.

Thanks again,