Temporary disable Firewall?

I think that some files or programs that I want to download have difficulty with Comodo. I have W 8.1 and don’t know what Comodo files to temporarily turn off and then how to turn it on again Task Mgr in W8.1 not hjelpful
(I am not an expert!)

What programs are not working properly? What is the problem with them? Could you report per program what the problem is?

Its JUST that when I am trying to download a new program, some of them seem to want me to disable the firewall and in SOME cases I would like to. Would you like to help me do this ?
ALSO, sometimes Comodo will give me warnings (which refer to certain updates or procedures from my computer mfr -HP) These warnings are very annoying and I have to click ALLOW about 4 times before they go away.
Just trying to make my life a little easier - no criticism of Comodo
Thank you - just an average user, not a geek

In order to help you we need more detailed information. What programs are you trying to download from what source?

What configuration are you using? The default Internet Security or Proactive Security? What alerts are you getting? Are they from D+ or from the Firewall?

I really appreciate your desire to help me BUT I don’t understand WHY you can’t just tell me how to TEMPORARILY turn off the Comodo Firewall? If you can’t do that, I’ll have to move on and try a different firewall.

There are a number of options.

Option one: Right-click the CIS tray icon > Click Firewall > Click “Disable” (If you have CIS set to advanced view it will give you the option to set the actual mode)

Option two: Go to the advanced settings and then to the firewall tab and set it to disabled.

Option three: Open the main CIS GUI and click the switch in the upper right to switch it to advanced view (or right-click the CIS tray icon and click-in Advanced View > Now On the right side you should see “Firewall mode the firewall is in” Click the mode and set it to disabled.

Could you still report with what programs you are running into problems with? What type of alerts do you get? From the network firewall or from the HIPS (if enabled)?

Unless you care to reply to my question, please do not respond further.
Thank you again for your time

My instructions above didn’t help?

Can remove also a mark in network connections. ???

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Thank you. I will get to this as soon as I can and report back to you.