temporary disable firewall

It would be very nice to have an option ‘Disable firewall for X minutes’.

In many cases it’s easier to disable the firewall for a while, do something and enable it back, instead of configuring a rule. For example I still can’t find a way to print to a network printer with firewall enabled.
The problem in such cases is that it’s easy to forget it disabled - especially that the tray icon does not indicate status. So please consider:

  • disable for X minutes, after the time passes the firewall is re-enabled automatically. Ideally a timed message box may ask whether to keep it disabled for one more period. If not clicked in 10 seconds, firewall is re-enabled
  • make tray icon indicate status
  • make settings that override rules to make it easier to configure the firewall for some common tasks for which it’s not clear which executable is to be allowed to do what. For example ‘Allow printing to [any printer/predefined group]’, ‘Allow file sharing with …’ , ‘Allow remote desktop connections from / to …’ etc.

This subject has been discussed ad nauseam:


It’s scheduled to be implemented in the year 2022! ;D