Temporary disable AV during installation?

Hi, im trying to install a piece of software but fails becuase cis keeps deleting the files and dump a malicious malware warning on me, “unclassified malware”.
Software is 1 .exe and 1 .bin file both are clean but when executed it puts files in temp and they are deleted right away.

I have tried with both hips and antivirus disabled but the warning keeps comming up, what else can i do to temporary disable comodo so i can install this piece of software?


I searched a bit and if what i just read here is correct, then i advise you not to install the program that installs those 2 files.

There is always a chance for a False positive, but CIS is most of the times correct. So personally i advise you not to install that program which wants to install those two files. :slight_smile: