Temporary blocked/allowed

I accidentally blocked something that is related to MSN(but without clicking the remember option) and now MSN cant connect to the internet, is there a way to let them ask again or allow msn to connect WITHOUT restarting?(I am currently dling an unresumable file) This has happend many times and it is very annoying cause i have to restart to fix it…

Go to Security> Application Monitor

Remove this program thats stopping msn.

Try launcing MSN should ask you to allow it out again.

If not add msn as a rules by clicking ADD

If you did not click “remember” then the block is for that session only. Depending on the exact nature of the alert (and thus, the block), you may find success by closing and reopening the application(s) in question. In some instances, you will need to reboot.

The rule of thumb with such alerts is that if you know the application(s) it is safe to allow. I’m guessing you’re seeing an OLE alert, or a warning about special Windows messages, or some other aspect of Application Behavior Analysis. The time to worry is if you do not know the application that’s trying to access thru your connected application. At that point I would block and think, “never mind the download; I’ll do it later.”