Temporarily drops net connection

Using the latest beta (much faster browsing, thank you!) but I notice that I still get dropped / my connection becomes inactive. Clicking the ie “retry” box gets me going again. Seems to happen after a short period of inactivity. No warning pop-ups from firewall. Checked applications, all listed are allowed. My dsl net conndection is good. Ideas?

First off, welcome to the forums and Comodo Community :slight_smile:

What you are describing reminds me of my D-Link Routers ability to either:

  • persist it’s connection
  • or dial on demand

Myself, I have my router set to Dial on Demand with a 5 minute “disconnect if idle”.

Are you using a router to “dial” your DSL connection? Or Software, or a driver (PPOE)?

Also, what are your logs saying? You can see them at Activity->Logs