Temporarily Allow File Out of Sandbox

For the sandbox alert I believe there should be an option to not run the file in the sandbox only this one time. I don’t like the fact that I have to declare a file safe in order to run a program that I’m not 100% sure is safe.

I believe it is necessary (for security) to have a temporarily allow option.

What do you guys think.

I thought the concept was that it stays in the sandbox until Comodo checks it out?

I guess the big question here is, if you aren’t 100% sure it’s safe, why do you want to run it?

Do you know how long it takes Comodo to check it out?

I was under the impression this took a while, but maybe I’m wrong.

This is actually the tip of a much larger problem: the sandbox is currently not designed for paranoid mode.

[i]+1, I need this option too

+1 :-TU

it is necessary no doubt

While I support this suggestion I also want to add an additional request to it.

Clicking “don’t sandbox this application” again will keep the program running in the sandbox and for cases where the program doesn’t work properly and has to be restarted I have to do it manually.
So please give us the option to say "don’t sandbox this application and restart it unsandboxed now.