Temperarly open ports?

I have Comodo on my server which is feeding the internet to me and my roomate. I’l looking for a way to open ports needed for a game only when the game is accessing them, and close them when the game is not. I do not want to have to directly access the options each time because I want to keep from using the administrator as much as possible.

My first thought was to setup a script thout would open them and another to close them. Each of us would only get execute permitions so that it will run but without direct access to the ports. I do not know if comondo has dos commands for opening ports as well.

The Program will be ran on another computer, so I do not know of a way to give permissions to that program when it’s not on this system. I do not want to just open and forward because my computer would be exposed while he is playing a game.

So if you can tell me where to look up the dos commands for comodo firewall or perhaps you can think of a way to do this, I would greatly appreciate it.


Comodo does not support command line parameters. So running a batch or script file to do so will not work.

You are afraid of having your computer exposed when opening the ports needed for running a game. What is keeping you from connecting to the internet through a router. In that scenario when you open your ports they are only open to the LAN.

The Comodo is on my server 2003 box, active only on the NIC leading to the internet. because there are 2 of us behind the firewall, I’m looking for a way to open ports temperately when either of us needs connection to/from the internet for the programs we run.

Do Not want to leave the port open. If there is not a way to do that, I can just teach him how to open and forward ports. and how to close them.

EDIT: Can I give permission to edit those settings or do I have to make him an administrator account for that?

as i understand you, you want to have “ports open” if they are necessary, and closed, if not.

if you run a game, make sure, that you only make “OUTgoing rules”. this means: if you start the game, it sends requests to the internet, and it will get requested answers. if the game does not send requests, nothing will be received through the firewall.
if you set in global rules “block ip in any” no unrequested packet will be received through the wall.

then the ports are closed, as long as no request is given and an answer to those reuqests is sent.
to make such a rule, you can easily use the stealth port wizard, setting 3. this will make such a rule in global rules.
hope that helps.

example: hl2.exe—allow tcp outgoing + allow udp outgoing. and the online game will work. (if you have a game SERVER running, then you need maybe an ingoing rule. OTHERWISE not :slight_smile:

That sounds about right, and that was what I was originally thinking. Next would be figuring out how to handle connection requests such as p2p or gaming server.