temp\pft9.tmp\** used by another process


I installed cav anti virus s/w beta 2.0 yesterday on new build pc and could not install new applications. Came up with error…temp\pft9.tmp** used by another process.

I finally removed the CAV s/w and managed to install the appliaction.

I would like to use Comodo but right now I notice there are lots of issues with CAV Beta 2.0

Please advise

You say new build pc - does this mean OS is Vista? If so then CAVS 2 is not compatible.

On XP there are many users who have no problem with CAVS 2 but there are also many who have various issues. Any bugs that are in CAVS 2 will not be being fixed as there is a new CAVS 3 in development. This new version should be a huge step forward compared to CAVS 2 and will work seamlessly with the new Comodo Firewall 3 that is out.

I would keep an eye on these forums for new releases of CAVS 3. Meanwhile Comodo firewall 3 is highly recommended and for Antivirus I (personally) would recommend Avast free edition until CAVS 3 is ready.