Telnet/MU* client blocked from opening, please help! :(

I have just basic Windows 7, I’m running the most recent 64-bit versions of CAV, CIS and CFP.

A telnet-client game program (called SimpleMU) that I use VERY regularly is somehow being prevented from even OPENING (never mind connecting with it, I can’t even turn it on!!) :frowning:

I think the Sandbox is to blame, but I have no idea where to look within the Comodo settings in order to tell it “no wait, this one’s okay”

Any help is appreciated!


Can you please verify Defense+, Unrecognized files and see if the executable for SimpleMU is listed there, If so and you trust it, select it and chose to “Move to Trusted files”. then try to restart the SimpleMU client and see if that helps out.