Tell us which Wizards you want to see in Comodo firewall Please!

We want to make Comodo Firewall easier than it is today for you!
We need your help for that!

Please tell us what part of Comodo Firewall you would like us to create a Wizard for, what part to automate etc.

We want this firewall the easiest firewall to use in the market place, please help us!

thank you


I think that main problem that I encountered when switching from SKPF4 to CF was the fact that inbound connections were denied by default. With SKPF4 (and other firewalls), you are prompted for outbound and inbound access. It took me a while to understand how application and network monitor worked together (flow of inbound and outbound traffic). I guess this will also confuse alot of beginners too. Now that I know (I hope) how things work, I can understand why things have been setup this way.

It may be a good idea to have some kind of wizard that can detect which applications you have running that are listening and then allow you to create (or do this automatically) the appropriate network rules.


How about a wizard for setting up application rules?

I realize how easy it is now, but a wizard could provide more explanatory information and then show the user what has been set up at the end of the process. This may lead to a better understanding of how the application monitor and the network monitor work together and get newbies thinking the Comodo way.

ewen :slight_smile:

Yep, since some new people are using CPF everyday, I believe that a wizard for application rules would be great.

And can there be a report at the end showing the list of applications and their access levels, the zones and the rules?