Tell us what do you think about CIS User Interface

I run CIS 8 on Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit with a 4-core CPU on a 7-year old PC.
When I double-click on CIS icon, the GUI pops up in around 3s. I don’t know if that’s fast or slow, but I’m fine with it.

Something like

[attachment deleted by admin]

Apart form things already mentioned here, in Whishlist part of forum, there are quite a few small fixes that improve usability and can be done even on this GUI.

Just to name few: fix resizing, add submit bug form, fine grained transfer in Traffic pane in Widget, less sub menus in advanced settings…

I m reading every single feedback written under this topic, thank you very much guys.

So what do you think about informative installation screens and tutorials ? Any different ideas about this ? About which feature and where ?

I think that Comodo made tutorials about how to use the sandbox would very helpful to new users and probably improve usability. Comodo’s installation is pretty bland. Maybe the Welcome screen that you see when you restart your computer after installing CIS could be incorporated into it.

As far as installation is concerned, make the “Customize Installation” link into a button and make it more prominent. A lot of new users miss it and end up installing things they don’t want.

Thanks BuketB for talking to the users and trying to improve CIS. I do have some suggestions for the installer.

  1. Make a cloud installer the default installer (smaller installer then downloads the components needed)
  2. The cloud installer should go through an install wizard to help the user setup CIS since most non-advanced users will not go through the settings. These users lose out on a lot of CIS’s power.
  3. The wizard should do a rating scan and update the signatures while the user is going through the wizard.
  4. A few options should be asked such as, enabling PUPs, configuration (proactive, internet security, the installer should describe the differences), and the options already presented in the current installer.

I will create a wish for this in the tracker. There are a lot of great suggestions in the tracker to improve usability so definitely go through it.

just dont force us to use cloud downloads installers. make it the default download/installation but keep the offline installer there so we can have it as always…

Ditto! +1 :-TU

I so don’t like online installers. Give us the choice for various installers. 64 bits only, 32 bits only, combined 32 and 64 bits off line and on line.

!ot! I am the type of person who keeps various previous versions of programs that I use. Hence why I am always surprised when people want a previous version of a Comodo product and don’t have it local…

I can’t justify keeping them on my SSDs and my HDD is already full with… Stuff…

They can create it like Macrium Reflect’s installer. It asks where you want the files downloaded to, then stores the files in a folder. The installer online downloads what the user needs and the user can archive the installer.

CIS UI (7&8 ) is too heavy and overloaded with graphic elements. Also it looks like sensor-screen designed, not usable on PC.
Security program don’t need it, it must be light, fast and reliable. Use WinAPI, why not?
Maybe the developers distracted from interface decorations and will be engaged in polishing the code?

Are you kidding?

Very good idea!

Please add this:

I have the modern theme, and i love it.

The GUI is clean and pretty minimal.

I dont use the advanced view much, only sometimes.

Please keep this GUI now and dont change it again! :slight_smile:

Hi Zbc,

Thank you. Will be checking this.

Kind Regards

Can you improve the usability of CIS? The Advanced settings window is pretty cluttered with submenus and sub-submenus…

Hello Netguy,

We are working on such improvements.

For your information

Kind Regards

A few brief comments. I agree with the suggestion that more installation options be provided. Specifically, separate 32-bit and 64-bit installs, in addition to the combined 32/64-bit install. Also, these options should be available offline as well as online.

Regarding the CIS Graphical User Interface, I’m pretty satisfied. I use the “Classic Theme” with Advanced View. Response time is adequate and, while I have a few quibbles with where setttings are placed, I can find what I want.

I do have one suggestion for the CIS v8.1 GUI. Even after changing from the “Modern Theme” to the “Classic Theme”, the Alert popups are in “Modern Theme” style. I would like to see the Alert popups be modified to be displayed according to the user-selected theme (in my case, that would be the “Classic Theme”.)