Tell us what do you think about CIS User Interface

Hi Guys ,

What do you think about CIS User Interface ? Do you think it is user friendly? Or, what would you like to see ?

I want to hear from you personally about what you want from an User Interface of an Internet Security package ? What should be included on the main page?

Your favorites, wishes, unwishes. Really: what is on your mind for the uber-efficient UI ? Please tell me.

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I personlly use the advanced view and I like it. It gives a good overview of all the main information.
I just would like it to be resizable (and remember the windows size).
When I wanna check the features, I always click the “advanced tasks” button and select the feature on the left panel.

What I’d improve is the alert pop-up.
I liked the idea someone posted some time ago to make it as a traffic light: red (block) on top, orange (run isolated) in the middle, green (allow) on the bottom and use these scheme for all the alerts.

Or, what would you like to see ?

I want to see the interface version 5.10
And to remove all not needed.

AV alerts:

  1. Group alerts - that means do not show separate alerts for each threat - instead of that show “10 threats were detected and neutralized”.

  2. Show information in that alert that the threat was successfully cleaned.

  3. Change alerts’ layout for detection of (1)malware (2) potentially unwanted application. (different color scheme - red and orange respectfully etc.)

Hi Eugene,
Reading this just makes me wonder… could you please elaborate on what you like on interface version 5.10 and what ‘remove all not needed’ is in your opinion?
It’s very hard to understand what your trying to say, and it will probably not contribute to an understanding of what your trying to see changed in the product based on these 2 lines.

Reading this just makes me wonder... could you please elaborate on what you like on interface version 5.10...

Very comfortable setting. :-TU
And look PM.

I agree, I always use the advanced view in CIS, and I think a resizable UI would be very appreciated.

Also, Comodo should optimize the UI to make it quicker for some systems. Maybe an option to turn off UI animations?

i want to see more powerful smart av engine which av data base signature file will not be like 260 mb (which is right now).

Please note this topic is about User Interface of CIS only.

Alerts may form part of the equation, but other function certainly do not.

Please stay on Topic.

Thank you


Comodo faced very, very excellent, but I do not like the view advanced settings It’s really confusing
Why do not are using the same view settings in Comodo Endpoint Security Manager,It’s easy and simple

  1. I would like to see the “timer” available for HIPS when it’s disabled! I don’t understand why HIPS is different from FW, AV and SB in this area.

  2. As with the way all software and websites seem to be going to larger buttons because of the popularity of tablets (large fingers). I would like an optional GUI for desktop machines with smaller icons and buttons (similar to the v5.0 GUI). Something the user could choose along with themes.

I prefer V5 UI because fast and simple .
By the way V5 is a small, fast and simple security software. V6 -V8 are blown up like a pregnant cow elephant (HPIS, auto. SB, SB, VC, TVL; Whitlist with all Software of the world and so on this is crazy) and slowly like a turtle (slow down the Computer Performance).


I need a faster UI with good look. (v8 seems nice but slow)
I do not want media player interface by the way
Thanks for asking us :-TU

V5 GUI was the best for me.
I don’t get why it had to be changed…

I don’t really have any complaints on the UI because I mainly just use the Advanced settings. (Maybe add a quicker way to get to those?)

But my real complaint is the “Call +1888-258-7142 for a certified technician to fix this problem for you” every time my AV database is slightly out of date or I disable the AV or firewall due to the lag it causes.
Then you have to actually CLICK the fix it bubble to make it go away.

Maybe make an Advanced User UI option that is less grandparents friendly?

Hello! I would like to see the correction of all deficiencies CIS 8

go back to v5 interface and all the slow downs will be gonne…

and the v5 gui is the best in al aspects.

I think its okay, but nothing to write home about. I like Ashampoo antivirus UI the best. Think they use the bitdefender engine, but their UI is so amazing. Very simple, very slick, nice coloring, has two color styles.

I think Comodo should be looking to do something like that in the next major version release. Its not majorly different from Comodo UI, it has the big rectangular windows on its main page, but its all sorted and done so professionally.

I personally like the GUI but like other people have said it needs to be optimized and sped up a lot. There are a few things i would like to see improved which are all in the tracker already.

Same here, I like the GUI, but hey is way more slow then v5 UI. I really hope to see real improvement in near futures :-TU