Teletubbies Magic events

I like the 3 ships. (:WIN)

I am curious what Ganda will vote here 88)

Greetz, Red.

All of the above of course.

So you think he is g… :o

Greetz, Red.

Until he finds himself, I wouldn’t cross that off the questionable list ;D

How are teletubbies and homosexuality related? 88)

How does G refers to G.A.Y. ? ;D Maybe it’s gum ? ;D

So then ganda’s gum? 88)

exactly! my favorite teletubbies :-TU
i don’t watch teletubbies, it sucks, i like spongebob squarepants :-TU

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I guess from your pic you voted the middle answer (when in doubt it’s the best answer) for “Tree”.

i didn’t vote ;D what the hell is this magic event btw? like live show or something ???
i vote for other : teletubbies rampage

The 3 ships get my vote :-TU

Telletubbies… Dixie… LOL… :stuck_out_tongue:


Youv’e seen them?