Techno Music Influence???

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Is it possible that MUSIC, specifically techno, can influence people to, for example ; Speak faster, be more nervous in Job interviews, don’t sit still, etc?

What are your thoughts? This is question is asked for a friend of mine.

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Hi Josh. These are just my thoughts. To listen to it in general I think it would have no effects.
To listen to fast beating music just before the interview I think it could have some effects and even raise the pulse rate and in turn create faster talking with possible nervous symptoms at least. Slow Mellow type music can send you to sleep, so this would be a better alternative to give that calming effect just before an interview (Not asleep of course :embarassed:). Kind regards.

IMHO it depends. If one wants to use music to change his state then he must feel how the music effects him. Some kind of self-diagnostic for self-regulation.

If one wants to keep calm and concentrated at some important event maybe stimulation of rear side of the body will help: head, neck, trunk, hands, legs in the descending order. Stimulation by soft rubbing massage will go in the downward direction. All emotions will be more controlled by the central nervous system.

Probably techno music can as it tends raise your heart beat/brain activity or lower it if listening to say Bob Marley. Things like speed, cocaine and ecstasy certainly will :o

I like all your responses!

Yep, the nervous system is a a funny thing. Meditation is probably also a good alternative to, compared to techno, fast beat music. Since it relaxes you and you come back renewed.

I’m studying then nervous system in my fitness course coming up soon, it will be interesting to learn about it, how it reactions, its functions etc.


I would say that fast tempo music would have an accelerating effect on the nervous sytem which could manifest itself as you’ve described.

But I cannot, for the life of me, understand how DOOF - DOOF - DOOF - DOOF - DOOF - DOOF music could make anything occur in your brain faster other than degredation. :smiley:

Meditation, or mental self control, is pretty much the answer, regardless of whether you want to slow down or speed up. The mind really matters.

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If I may so…
In my opinion, techno music affects the human mind only negatively. Techno music can lead to irreversible changes in the human brain. Therefore, only listening to classic and rock music You can feel safe.
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It depends on the measure and person. If make someone listen to ‘safe music’ too much time then ‘negative’ music can be a remedy.

I’ll have to respectfully disagree with the “irreversible changes to in the human brain statement.”

The human brain, and the mind (the mind is a product of the brain) are not completely wired. All humans aren’t born hard-wired, we can be rewired and don’t have to live with old scripts, behaviors, attitudes, and so on.

If, however, one is negatively influenced by techno music - and if one is listening to techno music every day, putting ear plugs in their ears, it could be negative in the long run. I respect your opinion. IMO, the changes are reverse-able - through meditation and visualization, and taking action to listen to more calming, relaxing music.

It will obviously take time, it will be a long continuous process for change with consistent effort. There are no short cuts or quick fixes.

What do you think?


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Neither would I. I would do something like my first post in this thread or cold silence - sounds great.



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It’s in general better to listen to relaxing music when you’re working or an interview or similar. I will ask my fiance; she knows such stuff ^^. I will be back with more accurate info.