technical question about comodo and an image restore


i have a technical question about comodo and a image restore (true image , paragon and other program)

well i make an image of my windows and restore in another/ different partition , windows on boot rebuilt
this key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices]
because the partition is different


are the volumes, partitions
after the volume,partition names for example F: D: and so on

well many security programs uses these values like


to load drivers to locate files and so on

does comodo do it too?
if i restore an image on a different partition or different hard disk , should i uninstall comodo & re-install


Personally. I wouldn’t create an image with any security program installed. Just restore an vanilla image. Install the security application, then, If possible, restore the configuration settings you’d previously configured and exported.