TECH Help Please>Will CFP v.2.4. Secure my System??

G day, ;D

Would like some tech feedback on a past version of CFP v. ( App data base v.3) I have been using for a couple of years with great satisfaction.
I have attempted from the very beginning, months and months ago, to install the new verion 3.
in many different ways…it seems the new CFP v.3 doesn’t want to make friends with my layered secirity programs. CPU spikes to 100%, System hangs, Programs load extremely slow or just don’t load.
I have used these programs for years with excellent success and do not want to unistall any of them.
“DCS Process Guard” and “Worm Guard”
" Ghost Security (Reg Defend)"
" SSMonitor"
" Win Patrol"
It is obvious the new version with its increased components is conflicting with my standalone security software.
My concern is whether or not v.2.4 is still an effective Firewall in my situation ( which by the way works perfectly with my existing security) …or… do I need to go to a different firewall that does not conflict with my security profile AND is supported?? 8)

You are surely having redundancy in your set up. I am not familiar with all five mentioned programs but Process Guard does a similar job as D+. D+ is Winpatrol on steroids. Registry you can defend with D+ as well. You can add keys to guard when you think the default keys are not enough?Why not use just D+ en catch two birds with one stone?

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it. ;D
As I mentioned I am very satisfied with the stand alones, they have protected my OS for many years in conjunction with CFP v.2.4, however if you could just clarify one question please…
The version of CFP (2.4)I am currently running, tested under all Security Scans… Shields Up etc. always results in “complete Stealth” and “no leak”.
As far as the functioning of a Firewall in concerned…Can I continue to use v.2.4 and consider my OS safe from attack?
Note that CFP has never allowed an attack to suceed
Thanks in advance 8)