Teatimer Utility in Spybot

I currently use Spyware Blaster, AOL Spyware Protection, Ad-Aware 2007, Symantec AntiVirus and
Comodo Pro Firewall

I am thinking of downloading and using Spybot for its Teatimer utility. Do you think this a good idea or does some of the protection I have already cover what Teatimer does.

Also given my current protection would I benefit from Comodo BOclean?
With Teatimer would I benefit from Comodo BOclean?


Hi Kesher :slight_smile:

Personaly I don’t know AOL Spyware Protection, but as I understand it has a real time protection against spyware as well. Because it is not recommanded to use 2 realtime spyware protections at the same time, I would temperory shut off the real time protection of AOL Spyware Protection and install Spybot S&D with Teatimer to see what you like most.

What ever you decide about your anti spyware protection, you will always benefit from the protection of CBOClean. I would install it if I were you :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

TeaTimer has never received real praise and its protection is not great according to a lot of sites I’ve read.

Personaly I don’t think it is bad, but it is not my favorite either.

Greetz, Red.

People deemed it as a resource hog, but maybe the latest version has improved. Like Rednose suggested, give it a whirl. The best advice is your own trial.