Teamviewer 4 YAY!!


It’s finally Out :smiley:

Any Thoughts Or Ideas

(Besides That When EasyVPN Gets Out You Know I’m Switching)


Commodus (Justin) was using that with me the other day… Pretty Impressed :slight_smile:

It’s great as Kyle says ;D Although I miss one nice feature that UltraVNC has. That is the ability to install the client, hide it and make it to launch on every boot. And have ONE and the SAME password all the time. So I can always remotely control my other computer without the constant change of the password :slight_smile:
I just love that the client doesn’t have to install or setup anything ! One executable :-TU All you need is clients ID and password.
V4 free adds the ability to have “conferences” with 2 people at once :slight_smile: That’s kewl, haven’t tried it yet :slight_smile: