Teamspeak 2 [HELP]

After using CPF v2 which i had no problems with, I recently updated to v3, now my Teamspeak 2 server will not allow any connections publicly. I can connect through LAN 192.168.X.X , but not through any public addresses or DNS. I have allowed in/out TCP/UDP connections on trusted apps and added Teamspeak server to the list. What policy do i need to add/edit to allow all those incoming connections to the teamspeak server?

Same problem here! Through LAN (192.168.x.x), it works 100%, but when I try to connect with the domain name ( or even my normal IP, it just doesn’t work. In Network Security Policy, the server .exe is set as Trusted Application (allow all in/out requests).
I even disabled Comodo and it still won’t connect.

sigh I think I’ll go back to 2.4…

Affirmative, even with firewall disabled/shutdown, still cannot connect publicly. Please help, thanks in advance.