Teach me how to use Comodo Firewall!

I just installed Comodo Firewall today and I am not sure how to use it or if I even installed it correctly. I just know that I think that I like it and I want to opperate it correctly. I know very little about computers so I need very simple instructions. :-[
I guess my main question is as it is learning my computer how do I know which programs I should allow and which I should deny?

This is what i did… I allowed all the programs that i knew and for the programs i wasn’t sure about i denied access for them. Then if something wasn’t working correctly I knew i had to go back and allow that program access. This is just how i learned my way around it when i was new to it. Good luck and welcome to the forum (:WAV)

hi lily, (:WAV) welcome (:HUG)

i’m a complete novice too. you have CFP 2.4 right? then i guess you can just install & forget about it. if CFP pop up window ask you to allow/block an app, i guess you can always allow the app from a legitimate company like microsoft,yahoo,or google.
at least that works for me.


The simplest way to understand how the firewall works is to click the icon in systray to launch the interface and then hit the F1 key. Hitting F1 as opposed to clicking the “Help” button means you’ll get a detailed explanation of that particular interface.

ONE word:

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I guess I ended up with Comodo Pro. I hope thats not bad, it is asking me about “IEXPLORER.EXE” and other things that just don’t seem like plain ol’ google, microsoft, etc. How do I check if it is legit? Can I post them here to see if they are good?

Thanks Zito,
I’ll have to try that.

Soya Lv. 5,
I’m on that :slight_smile: I’ve been making my way through the whole lot.

Thank you!

Don’t go through the whole list. It’s just there in case you have specific questions :slight_smile:

FYI: When version 3 is out, that page will be re-constructed.

As for specific files like IEXPLORER.EXE, google is your best friend. I can tell you right now it’s legit (assuming it’s not malware in disguise). When version 3 is out, the safelist will be much more vast and updated, so you won’t even need to answer to legit files like this if you choose to leave the default options

how do i check if it’s legit?

:THNK…use your instinct ;D ;D ;D. believe me, it’s not that difficult, i’ve done lots of allow/deny with no prob (and remember, i’m a novice just like you). usually after i click “update” on something or do anything that i know requires internet connection, i just choose allow. otherwise, i block it or …use my instinct again ;D (this is not helping, i know ,sorry). and you can try Goose suggestion :

good luck Lily