TCP Port Scan?

While checking my log on the firewall tonight i saw that it had two TCP Port Scan listed as high.

It listed the attacker IP address and all the ports that were scanned and said " The attacker has been temporarily blocked"

Attacker = Akamai Technologies

Is this bad and how long is temporarily?

Also this is the first time i have saw a TCP Port Scan listed in my log before.

I used to find TCP Port Scan entries in my log. A little research on the IP address revealed it to be one of the DNS’s for my ISP. Happy days! :slight_smile:

It was the DNS port scanning my machine to see if it was “still alive” so to speak, probing to see if i was still there and utilizing it. Of course, the DNS is a bit vital to surfing, so i simply set up two new zones, (containing the IP of the DNS),and two new rules (one for each of my DNS) to allow IP traffic in and out to both IP addresses. no more port scan alerts! :smiley:

Now, doing a little research on “Akamai Technologies”, they are a “Content delivery/Media streaming” company. They basically host videos and other multimedia content. I should think that the port scans would be one of their servers checking that your machine is still “alive” (therefore choosing to maintain the connection) whilst you were viewing some of their content.

Soooo… i would say that it was nothing to worry about. Just let it be! :wink:

For a little more information:

They also track internet utilization. Those port scans were probably to check if you are accessing the internet - to help them make those charts!

My answer is farrrr to long winded… :-\

so ill cut it down: ITS SAFE - Dont worry :wink: