TCP NULL is non-stealthed! [Resolved]

I know my problem maybe is the special case,but I really hope someone can help me to solve it!
Yesterday I install COMODO3.0 in my notebook,then go to test the 〝Stealth〞in the PCFlank,
but the result is disappointment about the 〝TCP NULL〞is non-stealthed!
My system is XP Home and use the wireless.
Please tell me how to adjust my system or COMODO3.0 settings to pass the test!
After all,I like to use COMODO firewall very much and worry about the 〝TCP NULL〞is non-stealthed!
Thanks for everything!
PS:My desktop computer is all pass!【use the broadband network adsl】


It sounds like the old router problem. Firewall tests will actually test the router, not CFP 3.
Try connecting your laptop directly to the network cable, and see if CFP 3 makes the test.


Bingo,the reason is my router!

Great to hear. Even tho it says the port is not stealthed, it is.
I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved now that your problem is solved, if you want it opened again, PM me or another moderator.