TCP Flood/UDP Flood/ICMP Flood

Traffic – 50 packets per 1 second
Duration – 20 seconds

What does this mean? I don’t understand this option. :x

It could be great if someone makes a FAQ that explains what all the options under Security → Advanced mean. :wink:

P.S. I know that there are explanations about some of the options around the forums but not in one thread, lots of searching involved.

It means if CPF sees a packet rate of minimum 50 packets per second which lasts at least 20 seconds, it will decide that this is a FLOODing attempt.

Simple enough.

My thought were that if it sees more than 50 UDP/TCP/ICMP packets sent in 1 second, it will block the sender for 20 seconds. I wasn’t too far, but now I understand it.

Thanks mate. :slight_smile: