taskmgr,internet,antivrus,regedit,everything except games is disabled

hello, i am new here. i had reformatted my pc but everything is still disabled i tried doing some steps but i still cant fix the problem can someone help me. i dont know what to do anymore.

how can i remove this virus?? and i can’t run comodo anti virus

If that’s all you can do, then you need a rescue disc. Use this one from kaspersky to start. On a clean PC burn the ISO to a CD (Rewritable) and insert that into the CD drive of the infected computer (Make sure it’s powered off so the rescue disc doesn’t get infected) then mash F11 on the screen before the windows loading screen. Select boot from a CD.

Also can you give us some more information?

What type of virus do you think it is?
How did it get on your computer?
What steps have you taken to try and remove it already?