taskhost.exe outgoing internet access

What are the normal reasons for taskhost.exe needing to request an outgoing internet access please?

Does no one know?! ???

May be rundll32.dll active when system idle!! answers your question.

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. Interesting. I will go over to Wilders this evening and see if I can dig out more.

I carried out 2 scans with rescue disks, Bitdefender and Kaspersky, and they did not come up with anything interesting, only some FPs that CIS had already reported, but I am checking these out further.

As I reported on another thread, I have some other suspicions about what may be happening, highly speculative and unproven, and I need to troubleshoot more. It’s connected with Reimage which I have used a few times and which replaces various system files if found to be damaged. It replaced rather a lot of files on a relatively new system, so I suspect it may be doing more than replacing just damaged files, and I want to understand exactly what it is doing.

In the meantime I will keep an eye out on taskhost.exe and when it requests outbound I will use Process Explorer and Wireshark to see deeper.