taskeng.exe constantly blocked by comodo

since the update to 3.8 i noticed that on the summary screen under proactive defense, defense plus has blocked way more suspects attempts than before. when i look under defense plus i see that its the same file called taskeng.exe. Here are the details:

FILE: c:\windows\system32\taskeng.exe
ACTION: access memory
TARGET: c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\cfp.exe

I have submitted the file to http://camas.comodo.com/cgi-bin/ and it came out clean.

BTW i am using windows vista 32 bit

This was also my question, and the reason why I registered at this forum. I hope someone will come up with an answer - as I got it, this is a safe windows file (comodo does recognise it as a trusted file as well!!) that should be allowed to run. Or…?

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Don’t worry it’s fine

Comodo Internet Security Protect’s It Self from anything touching/Modifing it’s files/registries…

No Worries Fella’s

  • Jacob

Ah, I see -
and I guess we will leave it like that - taskeng.exe always wanting to update, and Comodo always keeping it blocked… Well, if that is the way, I will live with it. The only disadvantage will be, is that I will never be able to see (in between the avalanches of notifications of taskeng.exe) the other blocked applications anymore…

Thanks for the answer so far!
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mongoosita and all,

This should be the fix you are looking for.



I just found it five minutes ago, and looking to the log file, it works! This was indeed exactly wat I (and the others?) needed.

Thanks for the effort, I hopes it helps more people out.