TaskBar Search Window

Please consider adding a Search Window to the TaskBar at the bottom of the Comodo Dragon Window.

Used to use the Google TaskBar Search Window, until they intigrated it with the Google Toolbar, and I (like several others} dislike added toolbars with a passion ! >:(

I found many times that I would have a window full screen, the search window at the top was covered but the Search Window in the TaskBar at the bottom would allow me to do a search.

Also wondered if Comodo Search could combine 3-5 search engines within its Comodo Search to allow for more comprehensive search.

Comodo Search could be the primary search engine in the TaskBar.!

Thank you for considering this for a future release of Comodo Dragon


Have you considered typing into the address bar for example… ‘google.com’ and then hit the tab key to search?

Not sure what I was using before but when I hit the F11 key for full screen, the taskbar at the bottom stayed and there was no search or url box at the top.

With MSN as the default home page the bing search box will still appear but the taskbar at the bottom is gone.

IF I am viewing the Comodo Forum and hit F11 the url box is gone as well as the taskbar below.

My request was intended with the ability to keep the taskbar at the bottom “always on top” of other windows, when going full screen so more page content is shown than the toolbars, etc at the top.

Thank you again for your suggestion.