Taskbar Icon

Hi All,

Only installed Comodo Firewall 2 x days ago. The taskbar tray icon is regularly missing when I boot my system. Any advice would be appreciated. Ps I do not have “hide icons” enabled.

hitbit ???

When you are onXP you are looking at an annoying problem with Windows XP: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Hi, HitBit!

I randomly have the same problem on my XP Pro/SP3 system, and aside from EricJH’s reply (none of which solved my own problem), there’s one other thing that works every time for me. If after a reasonable amount of time (say, 1 or 2 minutes) after startup the Comodo Firewall (cfp.exe) tray icon still doesn’t appear in your task bar, just manually double-click the application’s icon (if it’s on your desktop somewhere) or launch it manually from the Start Menu, and then exit the new window that opens…

Then viola!, the tray icon always appears where it should be! Don’t worry that this will result in two separate cfp.exe processes or tasks, because it won’t. Everything’s fine (at least until the next boot, when you might have to double-launch cfp again…)

Just thought you’d like to know… :wink: